1.Q: When will I get my order at hand after placed? Should I waiting for a long time?

A: We will arrange fast shipping for customer, generally in 3 days if the items are in stock, otherwise, we will send you mail notification regarding the lacked items, and you should wait for patiently, normally the estimated time of arrival is 7-15 days after the date of shipment.

2. Q: Is My Payment to www.skechers4u.com Secure?

A: All Payment will be done online through the 100% secured. www.skechers4u.com will never get your credit card number and you never have to worry about your credit card info gets stolen or sold to other party online.

3. Q: I received my tracking number, but cannot find records on the carrier website?

A: We have the tracking number once shipment released, and then we send tracking number to you, after you get tracking number, you can track shipment on carrier's website, if you cannot see records on the site right away, please try to see records later, because sometimes the carrier input the shipping information slowly, however, we gurantee that the shipment been on the way when you got tracking number from us.

4.Q: How can I get right sizes?

A: You should choose the right shoes or clothes size when you purchase and we will shipping the right size base on your order information.

5. Q: How much do you charge for shipping?

A: We have free Shipping of all orders, you do not have to pay additional charges.

6. Q: How are shoes packaged?

A: Purchases are shipped directly from one of our independent distributors, and are all packaged in its original packing. Be aware that shoe boxes sometimes become damaged due to poor handling by shipping agents.

7. Q: I made a mistake with my order and it's status says Shipped, what should I do?

A: At this point the shoes have already left and we can not make changes to the order. Please wait untill you receive your shoes, then login to your account and fill out a Return Request. You can find the Return Request form by logging into your account, beside your order there is a Return button. Fill out the form on the following page.

8. Q: Why are so many products out of stock?

A: The reason we list a lot of our out of stock products is for informational purposes. Most items that are not in stock, will not be available again. We continue to list these out of stock products on our website to offer information and entertainment purposes only.

9. Q:The size/color I want is currently out of stock. Can you notify me when the item is available?

A:On the product details view of most items, there is a Get shoes alert link (this function is comming soon) that enables you to receive an email from us when a specific size/color is restocked. If this feature is not listed on the product details view of the item you would like to purchase, please feel free to contact Nike-Air-Max Inc. Customer Service by email for further assistance.

10. Q:How can I check the status of my order?

A:You can check the status just login to your account, and click into My Orders. Your orders´ status and brief information will be shown in order history table.

11. Q:When placing an order I get an error message stating that there has been an authorization failure. What went wrong?

A:Please double check the credit card number and expiration date on your card. Also, please be aware that we currently accept Visa, MasterCard by Credit Card Payment. And PayPal can process Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit card payment. Below are additional explanations for an order not going through:
- If the error message references billing address verification error, this typically indicates that the credit card company or the network they use has coded a different billing address than you provided. If you moved within the past 6-9 months, you may want to enter the old billing address and try again. Please note you may want to contact your credit card (or bank) first as each attempt will place a hold on the funds being attempted for pre-authorization.
- If the error message references the order is being refused, please contact your credit card company (or bank) to determine their reason for the refusal.
- If you experience an error after checking out of the shopping cart, but before entering any other information, this typically indicates that your computer is not set to accept cookies. You can either enable cookies on your computer

12.Q: How do I place an online order?

A: (1)Choose the products (the appropriate quantities, sizes, etc) you would like to purchase, add the item to your cart.
(2)Click the Checkout button.
(3)Confirm your delivery information, make sure your billing address matches the shipping address. Then you can continue to checkout.
(4)You can confirm you payment information and choose your payment method. Enter your redemption code if you have any.
(5)Review the order information before submitting. You need to fill in your credit card information and make sure that the information is authentic and matching.
(6)Then you will receive a confirmation email about the order.

13. Q: Can I exchange or cancel an order?

A: When an order is sent to us from our site, we tend not to change or cancel your order. The order will be processed automatically as soon as you click check out. You can contact us with our customer department if you wish to make a change as soon as you want to change. However, due to the above, we can not guarantee that your order will be changed. We send the products after your order with us in a few hours.

14. Q:Do you sell gift certificates?

A:No. But we will have in the near future.

15. Q:Do you carry a specific color/price/style?

A:Choose the category you want to browse on navigate column at left of each page, and you will be taken to product list page. After making your selections, the product list will be updated on your selection.